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About Us

Follow The Money Investor Group is a financial portal that provides content and information needed to navigate the ever changing capital markets. Our global community of visitors and investors are able to use our platform to discuss and collaborate daily on all facets of their current and potential investments. Our goal is to help retail investors make the right financial decisions that fit their individual needs.

Here you will find the latest news, editorials, and FTMIG exclusive content to keep members up to date on companies of interest.  We also provide a forum that allows members to instantly connect with like minded investors.

We have also designed this platform as an avenue for companies to find the exposure they need to reach the retail investor. Our FTMIG exclusive interviews, videos and content help answer questions investors may have about various topics of interest. Through exclusive material, interactive forum discussions and Facebook Lives, we aim to provide both transparency and communication between investors and the companies they invest in.

Karl Boyd, Co-Founder

Karl comes from a very humble upbringing in urban Scarborough Ontario, working in the construction industry for almost a decade. Tired of the “Rat Race” and having a passion for business, as a young entrepreneur he saw a market opportunity after the financial crisis.  Karl decided to enter the business world investing in real estate and the stock market. His drive for success allowed him to understand the importance of knowledge and determination in shaping his life. His belief in taking smart and calculated risks in life and learning how to control investment fear was his driving force to share his insights with others.

George Soloff, Co-Founder

George Soloff has spent his life living between Hawaii and British Columbia while currently residing on Canada’s beautiful west coast. A lengthy career in the oil sector, in some of Canada's most extreme and isolated conditions, provided him with the motivation and drive to educate himself in the financial marketplace. Through calculated and educated decision making, George has enabled himself to pursue a lifestyle of financial freedom and becoming his own boss. Through Follow the Money, George hopes that other like-minded investors will benefit from our team guided approach and will be able to improve their qualities of life as he has.

Brandon Colwell, Co-Founder

Brandon developed an understanding of hard work and the value of money at a very young age in life, growing up in a family with five children. With money being a scarce resource, Brandon’s business career began early in life at the age of 10 propositioning neighbours into signing contracts for year-round property maintenance. Since then he has spent over two decades working in multiple areas of the hospitality industry, graduated from Humber College’s Business Administration with Honours, and is currently pursuing his B. Comm. Degree at the Ted Rogers School of Business.

With the advent of the cannabis sector, Brandon quickly realized that this could be a life changing event. His quest for knowledge gave him the drive to learn all he could about this new sector of opportunity. Through dedicated analysis, he finally quit with the excuses and began his life changing path as an investor.

“I wasn’t any different than anyone else, I just finally decided that I wanted to be different.”

Brandon recognizes that investing in a community makes all of the difference. Through his passion and drive for continuous improvement, he looks to inspire others to make the same change in their lives.

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