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Pivot Signs Option Agreement to Acquire Licensing Rights to Patented TriVair™ Nasal and Pulmonary Drug Delivery System For Its “RTIC” Ready-To-Infuse-Cannabis Powder

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc is pleased to announce that the Company has signed an Option Agreement with IP Med Inc., based in Oceanside, New York, to acquire an exclusive worldwide license for Trivair™ Nasal and Pulmonary Breath-Propelled Drug Delivery Systems™ for the delivery of Pivot's Ready-To-Infuse-Cannabis ("RTIC") cannabinoid products. The Option expires in 6-months during which time Pivot will determine compatibility with Pivot's RTIC powder formulations. Upon successful completion of the evaluation Pivot will have the Option to enter into a Definitive Licensing Agreement with IP Med for the TriVair™ device.
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Maricann’s Trailblazing Cannabis Innovations Underwrite a Bright Future

Maricann’s Trailblazing Cannabis Innovations Underwrite a Bright Future Innovate or die. This is the harsh reality facing Canada’s industrial scale cannabis growers over the next couple of years. It’s no secret that Canada’s fast-expanding cannabis marketplaces will soon face the prospect of a large supply-side surplus. Match this buzz killer with the inevitability of sliding…
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Veritas Pharma subsidiary to start trials in Q3

Earlier this year, Veritas Pharma's subsidiary, Cannevert Therapeutics, signed an agreement with Puerto Rico's Fundacion de Investigacion clinical research to perform trials of its lead cannabis strain, CTL-X, to target pain. The anticipated approvals were expected to come at the end of the first quarter of 2018 with a potential start this Q2 2018. Challenges arose with the importation of placebo cannabis from a non-United States supplier. The designated placebo is a cannabis plant material which resembles C
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