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Phivida Announces the Launch of Wikala’s Private Beta for Its eCommerce Platform

Phivida Announces the Launch of Wikala's Private Beta for Its eCommerce Platform

VANCOUVER and SAN DIEGO, CA, May 22, 2019 /CNW/ - Phivida Holdings Inc. (CSE: VIDA OTCQX: PHVAF) ("Phivida" or the "Company") announces the private beta launch of the Wikala eCommerce platform, featuring cannabis accessories from reputable manufacturers.





The interest in the private beta release has been phenomenal so far and we look forward to working closely with our customers and creating the most trusted cannabis online marketplace in this industry

says David Moon, CEO of Wikala.

We've been working at maximum pace to get to this stage, and it's encouraging to think that this is only the beginning of where Wikala and Phivida can go

Wikala is a stand-alone eCommerce platform that is set to become the first website in the global cannabis and hemp-CBD space to offer independent sellers' personal storefronts where they can list their goods within an existing marketplace. The private beta signup is still open and the platform will be available for use for a select number of beta users, based on their geography, for the next 55 days. During that time, the Wikala team will monitor user feedback and prepare the software for the next release.

The core features included in the private beta release are a fraction of the company's ultimate vision, however, they are a necessary first step and include all of the basic features of an eCommerce website, including a product comparison tool that is yet to be seen in the cannabis market.

The potential of Wikala is in its modularity and the fact that we can develop new creative features quickly and without having to rely on third party software

continued Mr. Moon.

This allows us to use the Open Beta release to set the stage for the next milestone, which is to open the sellers' portal and allow individual businesses to open their stores on Wikala

Wikala's next milestone is the public release of the platform, expected on July 15, 2019, which will feature a refurbished design for mobile devices, a coupon system for discounts, advanced smart search and various additional functionalities that provide a glitch-free user experience from shopping to product delivery. The July 15 public launch is expected to be the platform's Open Beta.

ABOUT Phivida Holdings Inc.

Phivida Holdings Inc. is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with operations in San Diego, CA. Phivida is a premium functional food and beverage company focused on whole plant nutrition and natural ingredients that help best maintain overall health and balance in the human body. The company infuses organic active hemp extract into a variety of premium beverages and clinical products for everyday health. Phivida embraces and celebrates a return to organic, natural, plant-based foods and beverages, and a focus on holistic health and wellness. The mission is to help reduce the world's dependence on pharmaceuticals and provide food and beverage choices that allow customers to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. For more information, visit phivida.com.

ABOUT Wikala.com Inc.

Wikala.com Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with operations in Belgrade, Serbia. The Wikala core team includes e-commerce professionals with decades of combined experience in online marketing, content creation and e-commerce sales. Using proven and market-tested organize marketing approaches to building traffic, Wikala has successfully become a major content player in the cannabis sector through it's sister site Greencamp.com. Wikala's e-commerce site, which is currently in closed-beta, is a modular, custom-built back-end portal that will offer significant advantages over the plug-and-play approach offered by other vendors, that is designed to provide a superior user experience through its customizability in order to address consumer needs directly.  In addition, Wikala's e-commerce site will exist within a proprietary technology eco-system, which sets Wikala's e-commerce platform apart from other approaches taken in this space.

SOURCE Phivida Holdings Inc.


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