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Canada’s Top 10 Mining Trade Show Events for 2017/2018

Here are ten of the most important mining events in Canada. Consider attending them as an exhibitor, but more importantly, consider offering a paper in the technical session, that’s where the buyer is prowling, looking for the next good idea.

1. Mines and Technology Toronto

October 2 – October 4
Toronto, Ontario

Mines and Technology 2017 will focus on a range of topic areas that are of critical interest for the next-generation mine. Expect to hear experiences of digital analytics, data and tracking systems on mines; the role of robotics in future operations and how innovation will be crucial for waste and resource management.

2. Underground Mining Technology 2017

October 11 – October 13
Sudbury, Ontario

This inaugural event will provide opportunities for underground mining practitioners to explore the latest mining technologies and methodologies which will drive industry into the future.

3. Quebec Exploration Mineral Association AGM

October 18 – October 19
Montreal, Québec

Xplor 2017 brings together investors, mining exploration, and exploitation companies, prospectors and a hundred exhibitors and more than a 1000 participants…all joining together to develop the Quebec mineral industry.

4. Quebec Mines 2017

November 20 – November 23
Québec City, Québec

Québec Mines is an annual conference organized for over 35 years by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources. Its objective is to promote Quebec’s mineral potential from a sustainable development perspective. This unique conference brings together personalities from across the mining world.

5. Association of Mineral Exploration Roundup (AME)

January 22, 2018 – January 25, 2018
Vancouver, British Columbia

As the industry gains momentum, and sees a resurgence in many regions, Roundup’s theme, “New Generation of Discovery” will bring experienced mineral explorers together to examine new geoscience ideas, innovative technologies and creative business solutions to lead the way to success. Everything from 3D/VR/AR applications to undiscovered places to unlikely partnerships – the opportunities are here.

6. Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)

March 4, 2018 – March 7, 2018
Toronto, Ontario

PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange is the world’s leading convention for people, companies and organizations in, or connected with, mineral exploration. In addition to meeting over 1,000 exhibitors, 3,800 investors and 24,000 attendees from 130 countries, you can also attend technical sessions, short courses and networking events. The four-day annual convention held in Toronto, Canada, has grown in size, stature and influence since it began in 1932 and today is the event of choice for the world’s mineral industry.

7. Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum (SMA)

April 4, 2018 – April 5, 2018
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Forum provided information on how manufacturers, construction, equipment and service providers can access mining supply opportunities. The Forum included a tradeshow with over 200 exhibitors.

8. Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM)

May 6, 2018 – May 9, 2018
Vancouver, British Columbia

The CIM Convention 2018 is Canada’s annual get together for the mining industry bringing together more than 5,000 participants and includes a plenary session, short courses, technical talks session and 600 exhibitors at the Expo.

9. Canadian Mining Expo

June 6, 2018 – June 7, 2018
Timmins, Ontario

The Big Event, Northern Mines Expo is held Timmins, Northern Ontario annually and has become well known as Canada’s largest gold mining show. More than that however, it is also becoming known as one of the must-see and must-go industrial trade shows in Canada. The event draws exhibitors from an international audience as the industry is well represented by regional operations, maintenance and operations personnel.

10. North American Mining Expo (NAME)

September 12, 2018 – September 13, 2018
Hanmer, Ontario

North American Mining Expo is Sudbury’s annual mining event offering technical sessions, a supplier exhibition, mine and research facility tours and many networking events.

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