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PreveCeutical Medical

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, PreveCeutical Medical Inc. has a world class team with a passion for researching and developing innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs. Bringing to market treatments and therapies that make real, palpable differences in the lives of those who need them. The company is staking out important positions in diverse areas such as diabetes and obesity, pain management, neurological disorders and cancer.

PreveCeutical - Word Origin Preve(ntive) + (Pharma)Ceutical.
“Preve”ntive [pri-ven-tiv] (noun), a medicine or other treatment designed to stop disease or ill health from occurring; “Ceutical” [soo-ti-kuh] (suffix), refined healing item or therapy.

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (CSE:PREV, OTCQB:PRVCF, FSE:18H) is an early-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of preventive and curative therapies. The company has partnered with the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE) at the University of Queensland on their research and development (R&D) projects. The projects focus on developing a cannabidiol administrative device and program, a dual gene therapy program focusing on preventing type 2 diabetes and obesity and a peptide therapeutic program focusing on developing non-addictive analgesics for acute and chronic pain.

PreveCeutical is currently conducting a R&D project involving the use of CBD. Its Sol-gel system is intended to deliver the therapeutic compound to a targeted diseased site at a slow, controlled rate through the nose. Medications absorbed nasally can rapidly and directly enter the brain through the olfactory mucosa. The solution that is administered starts out as a liquid and then forms into a gel when it comes in contact with mucosal tissue. The solution will last up to seven days and slowly releases the compound in the solution to target particular areas of pain. Currently, PreveCeutical is in exploratory discussions with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies developing therapies for neurological disorders that are looking for a nose-to-brain drug delivery system with the intent to form a partnership for the co-development of Sol-gel.

In July 2018, PreveCeutical launched its CBD division which will focus on finding treatments for various ailments using CBD which can be administered through the Sol-gel delivery system. The division has been tasked with finding a treatment for anxiety.
The company is also conducting additional R&D projects with focus on dual gene therapy and engineering peptide therapeutics. The first focuses on using gene-silencing technology that ‘turns off’ genetic signals, which could, for instance, represent a cure for type 2 diabetes and could potentially stop the disease from materializing.
PreveCeutical is led by an experienced management team. The company’s Chief Research Officer, Harry Parekh, specializes in developing highly innovative and translational medicine delivery systems in conjunction with physicians whose expertise spans cancer, obesity, diabetes, macular disease, infectious disease and traditional medicine. Management and insiders are notably invested in the company, holding 49 percent of the shares.

Deanna Kress
Director of Communications & Investor Relations



PreveCeutical Medical Inc. founders, executives and directors have established track records in cultivation, pharmaceutical, distribution and medical sectors.

Stephen Van Deventer

Stephen Van Deventer

Chairman and CEO

Stephen Van Deventer is an experienced business person and corporate director. Specializing in international corporate relations and business development over the last 25 years, Van Deventer has focused on launching small to medium-sized companies into the public markets in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has also owned and operated private businesses.

Dr. Makarand Jawadekar, Ph.D.

Dr. Makarand Jawadekar, Ph.D.

President and CSO

Dr. Jawadekar previously spent 28 years working at Pfizer Inc., where he served as Director of Portfolio Management. During his Pfizer tenure, he was a bench scientist for the formulation of the blockbuster drug, Zoloft (sertraline). Dr. Jawadekar was also involved in Pfizer’s external drug delivery technology assessment function and applying unique drug delivery systems into the company’s novel products.

Dr. Jawadekar is a member of the Board of Directors of New York-based non-profit Abilities Inc. He serves on the strategic advisory boards of numerous pharma, biotech, drug delivery technology and nutraceutical companies. Dr. Jawadekar earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Minnesota in 1982.

Shabira Rajan, MBA, CPA, CGA

Shabira Rajan, MBA, CPA, CGA

CFO and Controller

Shabira Rajan is a senior financial executive with over 20 years of experience, leading the financial discipline for successful businesses in both private and public sectors. She has a track record of providing leadership for strategic value creation and continuous improvement, as well as, providing effective direction to organizations on issues relating to corporate governance, financial oversight and risk management.
One of her leadership roles was that of Director of Finance at Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc., which planned and constructed a $2 billion rapid transit system in metro-Vancouver, on time and within budget.

Harry Parekh, Ph.D., MRPharmS

Harry Parekh, Ph.D., MRPharmS

Chief Research Officer

Based at the University of Queensland’s (UQ) Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE), Dr. Parekh also holds adjunct positions at the National University of Singapore, and Manipal University, India. Dr. Parekh heads the Drug & Gene Delivery Group at PACE-UQ with his team where they’re developing highly innovative and translational medicine delivery systems in-conjunction with physicians whose expertise span cancer, obesity and diabetes, macular disease, infectious disease and traditional (Chinese) medicine.

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