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Relevium Technologies Inc

Relevium is a publicly traded corporation strategically focused on the acquisition of entrepreneurial e-brands and technologies with your health and wellness in mind. Our area of interest and focus include Nutraceuticals, Sports Nutrition and Nutri-cosmeceuticals.

Relevium creates shareholder value by aggregating entrepreneurial health and wellness e-brands through a shared success structure that allows investors to secure excellent value at source and while seeking enhanced valuations in the public capital markets.

Relevium Technologies Inc. is a publicly-traded company that operates in the health and wellness industry, including legal cannabis, with a primary focus on online distribution. The principal business of the Company is the identification, evaluation, acquisition and operations of brands and businesses in the Health and Wellness markets and medical cannabis.

The Company pursues its business strategy through an acquisition and partnership model in a holistic approach to encompass a wide range of health and wellness consumer products. Relevium operates through two wholly-owned subsidiaries:

BGX E-Health LLC (BGX): Based in Orlando, Florida, BGX markets dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, sports nutrition and cosmeceuticals primarily through its Bioganix® brand portfolio in the US and Europe. Relevium’s brands such as Bioganix® are sold at some of the world’s largest retailers including such as Walmart.com and Amazon.com.

The Company’s strategy for growing its brands includes expanding its product offering, adding new distribution channels and developing partnerships that add value through exclusive ingredients. BGX is currently testing a complete line of dietary supplements derived from Cannabis with an initial focus on hemp derived, whole plant organic extract rich in CBD (cannabidiol).

Biocannabix Health Corporation (BCX): Based in Montreal, Quebec, BCX is an entrepreneurial venture to establish a vertically integrated research based medical cannabis company in the Nutraceutical space.

  • ~ CAD $4 Million in annual revenue with margins of 52%
  • Expanded portfolio of branded products to include Organic Hemp brand LeefyLyfe in the United Kingdom. Current product line includes; Leefylyfe 5% CBD Capsules, Leefylyfe 5% Organic CBD Drops and Leefylyfe 10% Organic CBD Drops.
  • Relevium launched an exclusive product line of Bioganix Gold to Wal-Mart.com and has increased its product line to over 30 Sku’s with more products being offered in 2019.
  • Recently introduced is the Push & Pull system™ by Bioganix®, the first ever comprehensive natural anti-aging system for complete skin care that combines Collagen Protein supplements (PUSH) and naturally sourced Aloe Vera skin anti-aging cream (PULL).
  • The company has retained Latin American business woman, TV Presenter, beauty queen and social media influencer Daniela Kosan. The digital marketing strategy will focus on the Latin American market through direct response Television and digital media through social media.
  • Increased international footprint of the Bioganix brand in the United Kingdom through the company’s Amazon sales channel.
  • Expanded portfolio of branded products to include Organic Hemp brand LeefyLyfe in the United Kingdom. Current product line includes; Leefylyfe 5% CBD Capsules, Leefylyfe 5% Organic CBD Drops and Leefylyfe 10% Organic CBD Drops.
  • Relevium hosted a nation-wide screening of “WeedthePeople” documentary across 8 major cities in Canada to educate the public about the benefits of using cannabis in pediatrics.

Contact Information

+1 (888) 528-8687
Physical Address:
1000 Sherbrooke West, Suite 2700
Montreal, QC, H3A 3G4



Relevium Technologies founders, executives and directors have established track records in cultivation, pharmaceutical, distribution and medical sectors.

Aurelio Useche


Over 20 years of senior management experience as COO CFO and CEO in private and publicly traded corporations. A graduate of the executive MBA program at Queen’s University, CMA, CPA, ICD and MC in Risk Management.

Abis Hussain

Abis Hussain

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced marketing executive including Influencer Marketing and Online digital strategy. Worked with various brands and companies including Subaru, Nestle and Kellogg’s and has worked with pro athletes and influencers on behalf of clients.

Faysal Selek CPA, CA

Faysal Selek CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

An experienced CPA and financial executive who acted as the CFO to several private
and publicly traded corporations in technology, ecommerce and mining.

Andre Godin

Andre Godin

Director and Chairman

Andre Godin is currently Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer at IntelGenx (TSX-V: IGX) and has more than 25 years’ experience in the Biotech-Pharma industry. He has a strong background in Capital Markets, Finance and Operations. Mr. Godin held several high-level positions as CEO, CFO and Vice-President of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical Companies. Mr. Godin is a member of the Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants and the Canadian Institute of
Chartered Accountants. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Université du Québec à Montreal.

Michel Timperio

Michel Timperio


Michel Timperio currently holds the position of President of the Cannabis business and Head of Strategic Development at Neptune Wellness (TSX: NEPT). He has been employed by Neptune since 2010, and served as chairman and member of the Board of Directors from 2000 to 2008. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. With a natural entrepreneurial character, he launched his own distributing business. Many years later, Mr. Timperio built a start-up venture in residential construction from 2001–2010. He has worked for large corporations, including Armstrong World Industries (NYSE: AIW) and Reichhold Chemicals, where he held senior management business development positions. Mr. Timperio has also retained a political career for six years.

Tina Sampalis

Tina Sampalis

Tina Sampalis, M.D., Ph.D., founder and President of the Agoo Children’s Health and Wellness Centers and President of Vanguard Strategic Consulting, is an oncology surgeon trained in physiology, dermatology and pediatrics. In addition to her medical career, Dr. Sampalis is also a leading researcher known for her work in the development of evidence-based Nutraceuticals, including Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, where she discovered one of the primary reasons krill oil is so beneficial to human health: Phospholipids. Dr. Sampalis is the named inventor of Neptune’s composition and application patents. As the former President of Acasti Pharma Inc. she led the development of a novel patented active pharmaceutical ingredient targeting the prevention and treatment of hypertriglyceridemia and cardio metabolic-disorders.

Pierre Bertrand

Pierre Bertrand


Pierre Bertrand, President of Essilor Canada, is a senior executive with international experience in Marketing, Finance and Manufacturing, including multiple years of award-winning Marketing and Brand Management and proven track record of excellence in financial roles eye health, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Pierre holds an MBA from the University of Windsor and a BA from the University of Concordia.

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