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Renforth Resources Inc.


Located in the HEART of Canada’s Gold Country.
Renforth Resources Inc. is an active exploration company with gold resources on the Cadillac Break in Quebec, a copper/silver discovery beside the Cadillac Break and a large surface gold occurrence on the Destor-Porcupine fault west of Timmins, Ontario.

Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE:RFR) is a Toronto-based gold exploration company with interests in established exploration camps in both Quebec and Ontario. Renforth has established gold resources on both of its wholly owned Cadillac Break properties in Quebec: New Alger and Parbec. Presently, Renforth is in the process of updating those geological resources to be 43-101 compliant, economically-derived Whittle open pit resources: completion and release is expected in 2020.

In addition to its Quebec gold resource properties, Renforth holds the Malartic West Project where in late 2019, Renforth discovered a shear zone hosting copper and high grade silver on surface over a strike length of ~175m. This new discovery requires additional follow up. In addition to this, the central portion of the Malartic West property shares structures with the adjacent Canadian Malartic Mine, as seen in geophysical data. Malartic West is gold bearing in certain areas of the property. This exploration property has several areas of mineralization which Renforth will continue to explore.

In Ontario, the Company owns 100% of the Nixon Bartleman project located on the Destor-Porcupine fault in the West Timmins Mining area, a historic gold occurrence on which Renforth performed a maiden campaign, tracing the surface gold mineralization over ~500m.

The New Alger and Parbec gold projects represent gold resources offering road access exploration and development with deep labour pools and service providers to draw upon for Renforth, and along with the balance of the property portfolio, an opportunity to build shareholder value through basic exploration on prospective ground with historically identified gold occurrences.

  • Near term publication of new, economically derived open pit resources on the Cadillac Break for the two advanced definition properties, New Alger and Parbec.
  • Renforth in the future will be able to benefit from a near term, low Capex mining scenario. Production via open pit can be processed locally using contract milling services, negating the need of time intensive and costly underground development and plant build out.
  • Renforth’s two exploration properties, Malartic West and Nixon-Bartleman, both host discovered and identified surface mineralization which can be worked from surface in a cost effective manner.
  • Renforth’s portfolio of two definition stage resource properties and two exploration stage mineralization properties are all wholly owned, with no ongoing capital requirements except, in the instance of one exploration property, modest annual government mandated work requirements. The other properties all benefit from banked work credits.

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Renforth executive team, executives and directors have established track records in the exploration, gold and mining sectors.

Nicole Brewster

Nicole Brewster

President and CEO, Director

Nicole Brewster brings to Renforth a background which began growing up with an exploration geologist as a father and a first foray into the working world hands on in exploration, manually splitting kimberlite core. Nicole developed her exploration expertise away from only manual labour (though the opportunity is still relished and respected) and into the world of computers at the advent of data compilation, mapping and manipulation, including geophysics, to aid in exploration. After university a career in the investment/capital markets world, including certifications in securities, options and derivatives and financial planning, functioning in the capital markets and high net worth investors area, was entered, but eventually left in order to raise a family. The exploration world beckoned again, this became a role in a successful exploration contracting business with partners, active in several countries and on several projects.

Those included, amongst many others, supporting and executing the Ring of Fire chromite discovery programs and participating in the re-opening of a mine and associated brownfield exploration in the pyrite belt of southern Spain. Personal focus in logistics, project support and execution on time and on budget, corporate development and functioning as a modelling technician in Gemcom and Datamine form the expertise brought to bear in Renforth. From a significant shareholder in Renforth to President, Nicole’s over-riding motivation began as, and continues to be, to unlock the value of the New Alger Property, the legacy of an old family friend, which Renforth initially held the rights to. Subsequent to becoming President Nicole fixed corporate issues financially and with the Board, consolidated all shareholders (including Nicole), brought the New Alger Property ownership to the 100% level, acquired Nixon-Bartleman, West Malartic and Denain-Pershing – the latter two joint ventured in order to conserve capital and develop strategic partnerships with SOQUEM and Chalice Gold respectively, and entered into the 100% option on the Parbec Deposit.

Nicole currently focusses Renforth’s attention and capital on the development of New Alger and Parbec, the latter to complete the earn-in. Since assuming the role of President consulting fees associated with Nicole’s management services have been paid after accruing for a length of time with shares rather than cash, to date those shares have been valued at 5 cents, despite Renforth trading in most instances below that.

Kyle Appleby

Kyle Appleby


Renforth benefits from Kyle Appleby’s accounting expertise, supporting the Company’s bear market strategy of minimal fundraising and 100% deployment of funds raised to advance our projects with his detailed financial management skills. Kyle, a proud Toronto native (and a Leafs fan no less), became a CA in 2001, after his lifelong dream, of being lead guitarist, in a blues band, did not work out. Since that time Kyle has worked both the audit and the issuer side of the business, concentrating on providing, contract CFO services to a number of reporting issuers and private companies, active in the resource, agritech, technology and cannabis spaces with experience in take-overs and amalgamations. When not watching the books Kyle spends time with his wife and two young boys. In addition to his family Kyle’s other personal achievement he is most proud of is competing in and finishing the world’s longest survivalist canoe race over 3 days from Whitehorse to Dawson City.

Wally Rudensky

Wally Rudensky

Independent Director, Audit Chair

Renforth’s financial affairs are supervised by Wally Rudensky who, in addition to being an independent director for Renforth and the Chair of the Audit Committee, is also a Partner at MNP LLP who has been a chartered accountant since 1982. Mr. Rudensky specializes is in the areas of corporate finance and taxation in his practice and has been CFO and director for a number of public and private corporations in the energy sector. A graduate of Ryerson University, Mr. Rudensky has lectured on taxation to the Canadian institute of Chartered Accountants as well as various universities, business seminars and conferences.

David Wahl

David Wahl

P.Eng, P.Geo, ICD.D – Technical Director

David Wahl‘s career in the mineral exploration sector has spanned more than 45 years, 6 continents and 70 countries, assessing, exploring and advising on properties for government agencies, public and private mining and exploration companies, financial institutions and private individuals. Mr. Wahl, having graduated from the Colorado School of Mines as an “Engineer of Mines” is qualified as a Professional Engineer of Ontario, a Professional Geoscientist of Ontario and with the Institute of Corporate directors.

Judi Wood

Judi Wood

Independent Director

Judi Wood brings to Renforth more than 35 years of banking experience in the United Kingdom and Canada, largely in the areas of merchant banking and corporate finance, attaining the role of Senior Vice President Treasury, Chairperson of the Asset/Liability Committee and a member of theManagement Committee at Barclay’s Bank of Canada, prior to its’ merger with HSBC. Upon retirement from HSBC Ms. Wood held the role of Managing Director, Corporate and Institutional Banking. Ms. Wood is a founding and independent director of Renforth.

Kurt Breede

Kurt Breede

P.Eng. Independent Director

Kurt is senior geological engineer and marketing executive with over 20 years experience in the mineral resource industry. He is former Vice President of geological and mining consultancy Watts, Griffis and McOuat, and prior to that was Senior Business Analyst with Gemcom Software (now Dassault Systèmes). He currently works as an independent Mineral Resource and Corporate Development Consultant, serving as Vice Chair of the CIM Toronto Branch Executive, and as a member of the CSA’s Mining Technical Advisory and Monitoring Committee.

John S. Webster

John S. Webster

Independent Technical Director

John Webster (Camborne School of Mines) has an extensive background in mining and ore processing, having built and operated 15 world class mine developments in Australia, USA, Russia and FSU with emphasis on strategies, resourcing, consulting and operational management with BHP, Vostok Mining, Trafigura and Alexander Mining Plc. An Independent Technical Director for Renforth Mr. Webster contributes his highly innovative expertise in mining, construction, processing and environmental management techniques to our exploration strategies.

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