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Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. and Flowhub Announce Integration to Offer Instantaneous Dispensary Menu Updates

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. and Flowhub Announce Integration to Offer Instantaneous Dispensary Menu Updates

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (OTC:LBUY) (“Leafbuyer”) a leading technology company within the cannabis industry, and Flowhub, a major retail management platform for dispensaries, announced today a partnership to integrate software and automate online menus.



Leafbuyer’s comprehensive website, Leafbuyer.com, and recently acquired order-ahead and loyalty mobile application, Greenlight, now integrate with Flowhub’s industry-leading point of sale and compliance technology. On both Leafbuyer.com and the Greenlight app, customers can now view immediate, up-to-date menu information regarding product availability in dispensaries using Flowhub API and Leafbuyer platforms. Rather than relying on a dispensary employee to update the online menu by hand when product availability changes, the Flowhub integration will update dispensary menus and available products on the Leafbuyer.com website and the Greenlight app in real time.

The partnership between Leafbuyer and Flowhub provides value to both parties

said Kurt Rossner, CEO of Leafbuyer.

Automating menu updates between technologies improves customer satisfaction and retention rates, boosting bottom line revenue and operational efficiencies
Businesses within the legal cannabis industry look to high-tech platforms with diverse solutions to maintain compliance, improve business performance, and separate themselves from their competition

said Kyle Sherman, CEO of Flowhub.

The partnership between Flowhub and Leafbuyer helps to support dispensaries as they strive to make their consumers’ experiences the best they can be, while following regulations

To learn more about Leafbuyer, visit Leafbuyer.com. To learn more or request a demo of Flowhub, visit Flowhub.com.

About Leafbuyer

Leafbuyer.com is one of the most comprehensive online sources for cannabis deals and information. Leafbuyer works alongside cannabis businesses to showcase their unique products and build a network of loyal patrons. The Company’s online network reaches millions of marijuana consumers every month. Leafbuyer is the official cannabis deals platform of LA Weekly, Voice Media Group, Dope Media, Grasscity, and The Stranger.

About Flowhub

Powering the largest retailers in the industry, Flowhub is the leading retail management solution for cannabis dispensaries in the United States. Built specifically to serve the highly regulated industry, Flowhub is helping nearly 500 cannabis retailers grow revenue, stay compliant, and manage inventory. Founded in 2015 by former Compliance Officer, Kyle Sherman, Denver-based Flowhub processes over $1B in cannabis sales annually and is backed by industry investors Poseidon Asset Management, Green Lion Partners, Phyto Partners, Arcadian, and Altitude. Learn more at https://flowhub.com/


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