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Naturally Splendid Announces Launch of NATERA(TM) Sports Bites and Sponsorship Deal With The Professional Golfers Association of BC

Naturally Splendid Announces Launch of NATERA(TM) Sports Bites and Sponsorship Deal With The Professional Golfers Association of BC

March 7, 2019 / TheNewswire / VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - NATURALLY SPLENDID ENTERPRISES LTD. ("Naturally Splendid" or "NSE") (TSX-V:NSP)(OTCQB: NSPDF)(FRANKFURT:50N) is pleased to announce that response to the recent launch of NATERA(TM) Sports Bites was well received at the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) West trade show that was held over four days in Vancouver, BC.. CHFA West continues to be the number one source for new products and education for retailers who are doing business in Western Canada.



NATERA(TM) Sports Bites were formulated inhouse under the direct supervision of Naturally Splendid Advisory Board member, Dr. Stuart Love. Dr. Love spends in excess of 30 weeks a year travelling with the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour as a health care practitioner for many of the world's top ranked golfers, as well as operates a successful chiropractic practice in Victoria, BC. The PGA Tour is the number one premier golf tour where the world's best golfers compete for tens of millions of dollars annually.

Dr. Love states,

I worked very closely with the entire Naturally Splendid product development team, as well as many of my professional golfer clients, formulating these Sports Bites. As a doctor who treats world class athletes that rely on their physical well-being for their career, proper nutrition is vital for them to perform at peak levels. For day to day athletes, proper nutrition is essential to enjoy physical activity to the fullest. Having said that, great nutrition should be tasty. And with NATERA(TM) Sports Bites, I believe we have found that balance between nutrition and taste that will make this a successful product not only on golf courses, but for active individuals of all walks of life

The launch of NATERA(TM) Sports Bites is an extension to the company's proprietary formulated line of activity related product offerings such as the Company's NATERA(TM) Key-To Life, keto friendly bars and Hemp369 Protein. The 'Bites' come in four (4) flavours and a unique package designed to differentiate from standard packaging being currently offered by competitors.

Additionally, the Company has signed a two (2) year sponsorship deal with the Professional Golfers Association of British Columbia (PGA BC). The sponsorship agreement with the PGA of BC is a portion of a grass roots marketing plan supporting the launch of NATERA's Sports Bites. The PGA of BC spokesman Mr. Grant Gray states,

We recently hosted Dr. Love as our keynote speaker at our annual PGA Spring Education Seminar. As professionals, we understand staying properly nourished is every bit as important for golfers as for other athletes. Discovering Dr. Love's involvement with NATERA(TM) Sport Bites and that the product was manufactured here in BC made this an almost perfect match. We look forward to providing NATERA(TM) Sports Bites to the thousands of golfers that play golf at hundreds of facilities around the province

Naturally Splendid President, Mr. Craig Goodwin states,

We are pleased to form this strategic alliance with the PGA of BC. PGA of BC golf professionals operate at more than 200 golf facilities throughout the province and is a vital resource to the future of the game in Canada's most active golfing province. This strategic relationship will provide not only multiple points of distribution, but excellent feedback from customer experience when consuming the NATERA(TM) Sport Bites

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