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Next Green Wave’s Strategy To Be A Cannabis Consumer Products Goods Leader In California

Next Green Wave’s Strategy To Be A Cannabis Consumer Products Goods Leader In California

Next Green Wave’s Vision to be Number 1 in Cannabis Consumer Product Goods in California

Vancouver, British Columbia – March 18, 2019 – Next Green Wave Holdings Inc. (CSE:NGW) (OTCQB:NXGWF) (“Next Green Wave”, “NGW”or the “Company”), is pleased to announce an update to its consumer products good strategy since announcing its 100% acquisition of California-based SD Ventures, LLC (“SDC”) on March 12, 2019. Next Green Wave’s acquisition of SDC and recent investment in Organic Medical Growth (“OMG”) now accelerates its path to revenues and the execution of its distribution and product development strategy throughout California.

Vision to be Number 1 in Cannabis Consumer Product Goods in California
Next Green Wave is now focused on integrating SDC’s 8 brands, 45 THC and CBD products, extraction and manufacturing team while calibrating its recently completed 35,000 sqft Facility A. With Pacific Gas & Electric now only weeks away from completion, Next Green Wave will bring its newly appointed Head of Extraction and Head of Manufaturing into its Facility A to integrate the appropriate standard operating procedures necessary to immediately fulfill the product demand from its distribution channels once Facility A has been granted final occupancy approval.

In the coming months, our Brand Partners product lines will be introduced into the California and online direct-to-consumer market in the United States. With a combined social media reach of over 25 million across the globe, these Brand Partners include;

This is a very exciting but important time for Next Green Wave as we now enter the execution phase of our wider strategy of being a premium producer of high quality downstream products into the California market,

stated Leigh Hughes, CEO of Next Green Wave.

Our recent acquisition of SDC fast tracks our vision to be a powerhouse in consumer products goods in cannabis, and the whole combined team is focused on activating  operations, generating revenue through sale of our first products, and establishing our distribution network.

Geographic Expansion Through Brand Licensing Opportunities
As the global cannabis landscape continues to expand in 2019, Next Green Wave will take advantage of specific international markets that will allow our brands and products to be licensed through other respectable international partners. The closing of our investment and strategic partnership with Organic Medical Growth will see our distribution channel expand by over 7,000 pharmacies in Colombia through a brand licensing agreement with OMG.

To ensure that OMG enters the market with premium products, Next Green Wave will provide our expertise and services to ensure that OMG’s nursery, cultivation and extraction techniques are of the highest standard. NGW has begun providing advisory services to work in parallel with the OMG team in preparation for the development of OMG’s integrated operations.  In 2019, NGW will provide a range of products to be sold through the OMG distribution channels.

On behalf of the Board,

Leigh Hughes

CEO and Executive Chairman, Next Green Wave Holdings Inc.


About Next Green Wave

Next Green Wave is a vertically integrated seed-to-consumer premium medicinal and recreational cannabis company operating in California. Construction of the company’s first state of the art indoor facility (35,000sf) is complete and nearing production with future plans for expansion on its remaining 15 acres of cannabis zoned land. NGW has acquired a seed library of over 120 strains which includes several award winning genetics.  Recently acquired SDC Ventures and its 8 brands and 45 products which will accelerate NGW to revenue in 2019 and compliment NGW’s branded products. The partnership with OMG will provide NGW access to distribution through the licensing of our brands through Colombia.  To find out more visit us at www.nextgreenwave.comor follow us on Twitter at @nextgreenwave, on Instagram, and LinkedIn

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