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Patriot One Secures Initial 287K (USD) Order for PATSCAN Threat Detection Solutions

Patriot One Secures Initial 287K (USD) Order for PATSCAN Threat Detection Solutions

TORONTO, Dec. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PAT.V) (PTOTF) (0PL.F) (“Patriot One” or the “Company”), developers of the award-winning PATSCAN™ CMR covert weapon detection system, is pleased to have received an initial $287,000 (USD) purchase order from Smart CT Solutions LLC of Miami, Florida USA (“Smart CT Solutions”) for multiple PATSCAN threat detection systems.

Smart CT Solutions purchase includes select products from the growing PATSCAN family of covert threat detection solutions.  Smart CT Solutions decided to invest in this 90-day paid trial program for key clients, while also reviewing additional covert threat detection solutions that are currently undergoing extensive review at Patriot One’s Las Vegas development center. Once approved and accepted by the Patriot One team, Smart CT Solutions plans to adopt several of the new PATSCAN threat detection products for introduction to their client base beginning with a charter school located in Miami Dade-County.

We’re excited to go to the next level working with Patriot One towards implementing their PATSCAN covert threat detection solutions in Florida. We’ve been actively promoting Patriot One products since late 2017 with our clients

explained Roberto Gonzalez, Director & Co-founder of Smart CT Solutions.

With our expertise in technology integration, we look to deliver a complete suite of threat detection products which will change the way we approach proactive surveillance. Our clients’ security teams will now have the opportunity to respond quickly and appropriately to threats and disturbances identified and reported by these innovative technologies. As part of our collaboration effort with Patriot One, we have created a go-to-market campaign with awareness in new technologies to penetrate the Florida marketplace, adding other approved PATSCAN solutions into many client facilities later in 2019 post successful trials

Smart CT Solutions has been an Authorized Security System Integrator /Reseller of Patriot One since 2017. The company has been servicing Southern Florida businesses and government organizations for almost a decade helping customers implement security solutions for their properties such as video surveillance, smart lighting, and in-building networks. As a Cisco certified CCPA company, Smart CT believes a number of their key clients will benefit greatly from the integration efforts being developed through Cisco Solutions Program with Patriot One Technologies.

We’re eager to support our only Florida authorized reseller Smart CT Solutions with these paid trial deployments of our PATSCAN technologies with their clients

expressed Martin Cronin, CEO and President of Patriot One Technologies.

Over the past year, our engineering and business development teams have been working closely with Roberto Gonzalez and Smart CT Solutions to introduce our threat detection solutions to their clients. Today, we are excited to begin installing these solutions with the shared goal of detecting threats before they become tragedies

Smart CT Solutions and the Patriot One engineering teams will begin trials on all PATSCAN products installations at several Florida locations beginning in December 2018 through Q1, 2019. Additional PATSCAN solutions, as they get approved, will be scheduled for advanced paid trial installations with key Smart CT clients throughout 2019.

Roberto Gonzalez, Director & Co-Founder
Smart CT Solutions LLC

Martin Cronin, CEO
Patriot One Technologies Inc.

About Smart CT Solutions LLC

Smart CT Solutions LLC is a consulting and integration company whose core values are to deliver solutions that maximize the customer’s business strategies and enable them to become innovators of their own. Services include Internet of Things (IoT), smart lighting, surveillance, networking, security, artificial intelligence, and much more. With over 20 years of experience integrating digital technologies into a variety of industries, the company delivers a 360-degree service approach which includes identifying customer needs, planning, product selection, coordination, installation, integration, and training. Visit SmartCTsolutions.com.


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