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Ben Feferman Managing Partner at Amuka Capital sits down with FTMIG. FTMIG Exclusive

Ben Feferman, Managing Partner at Amuka Capital, talks about what to look for in an ESports company. With Esports being one of the biggest up and coming sectors to watch, we suggest you listen in on what Ben has to say.

Ben is a managing partner and co-founder of Amuka Capital. He has more than 15 years of experience building successful companies in media, technology and real estate. His core belief is that investors deserve better than the status quo and has made it his mission to reset the old model and move towards a new era of integrity and transparency. His previous experience working in real estate and venture capital has enabled Ben to use a holistic approach to building wealth through the private capital markets and properly diversifying his clients’ portfolios. Ben’s focus at Amuka will be to ensure that our investments meet the highest standards of due diligence and that each investor receives the personalized attention to their portfolio that they deserve.

Amuka Capital offers investment banking services in real estate and private equity. Our experienced team of investment professionals help investors build diverse portfolios in the private capital markets.

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