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Chris Rebentisch, CEO of 1933 Industries Inc sits down with FTMIG. FTMIG Exclusive #TGIF

FTMIG Interviews Chris Rebentisch, CEO of 1933 Industries and gets right down to business and addresses the $3M impairment adjustment for their Spire investment head on. As well as 2019 quarterly Financials.

Chris Rebentisch after gaining valuable experience in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, and being the founder of Infused MFG, he turned to the medical marijuana industry in 2013. Using his interest in chemical compounds, he focused on cultivating CBD-dominant strains to offer cannabis with enhanced medical benefits. His personal relationships with medical cannabis patients and passion for providing them with quality natural wellness led to him creating the Canna Hemp™ brand in 2016. Canna Hemp™ is the Company’s primary line of hemp-based, CBD infused consumer branded goods, experiencing over 8,000% growth during its first year in the market.

The Company owns Alternative Medicine Association, LC (AMA), a licensed medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation and production facility that produces its own line of unique cannabis-based products and manufactures other third-party brands. Infused MFG, also subsidiary, produces hemp-based, CBD products, thoughtfully crafted of high quality organic botanical ingredients.

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