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Delta 9 Town Hall Webinar with CEO John Arbuthnot

John gave a presentation on Delta 9 and provided a corporate update on recent developments at the company. The presentation is followed by a live question and answer session where attendees had the chance to ask any questions they may have.

Areas that John covered:

-Detailed overview of Q2 results
-New Wholesale agreements to sell Delta 9 products in Ontario, Newfoundland and
-Expansion of retail stores across western Canada
-Lowering costs through setting up an automated bottling and processing center

Highlights of First Half 2020:

-The company entered into a Master Cannabis Supply Agreement with Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCS) to provide for the supply of Delta 9 branded cannabis products and accessories for sale in retail cannabis stores in Ontario and online sales of recreational cannabis products and accessories to customers in Ontario

-Delta 9 Opens a Cannabis Store in in the First Alberta Place building in Calgary and a second Cannabis retail store Grande Prairie, Alberta that continues the strategy of establishing a chain of Delta 9 branded retail stores across Canada. Delta 9’s goal is to add an additional 12 retail stores over the next 24 months

-The company entered into a partnership agreement with the Manitoba Hotel Association (“MHA”) to be their exclusive cannabis partner and to canvass and develop interest in establishing cannabis retail outlets and selling Delta 9 cannabis products on site in Manitoba hotels. Delta 9 offers programs in educational, point-of-sale systems, supply chain and product selection, marketing, procurement, branding and assistance in product ordering to build Delta 9’s brand as the partner of choice for cannabis in Manitoba hotels

-Delta 9 has also entered into an agreement with the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (“NLC”) and Oceanic pursuant to which Delta 9 will supply cannabis and cannabis-related products in that Province. Delta 9 also entered into a definitive agreement with Oceanic Releaf Inc. and Ms. Taylor Giovannini to acquire a five percent interest in the common stock of Oceanic in exchange for the provision by Delta 9 of certain consulting and training services to Oceanic

-The company received Health Canada approval for its new purpose-built cannabis processing center which will allow for fully automated bottling, packaging, capping and labelling of its consumer-packaged dried cannabis products. The Company anticipates that once the processing center is operating at capacity it will allow for processing of up to 25 kg/year of dried cannabis flower material