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Ely Gold Royalties Presentation at August 2020 VID Conference

Presenter: Trey Wasser, President, CEO & Director
Originally filmed on August 11, 2020


Ely Gold Royalties is a Nevada-focused gold royalty investment company. ELY generates revenue by selling mineral properties to mining companies while retaining a long-term royalty that pays ELY for the life of the mine. ELY’s business model includes the purchase of existing royalties from third parties as well as optioned sales of properties that provide ongoing revenue and eventual royalties. The company’s royalty portfolio is strictly North American based: ELY has one royalty in Canada at Wallbridge Mining’s Fenelon property, with the remainder located in the mining-friendly state of Nevada.

What sets ELY apart from others is their unique ability to assemble valuable land packages near producing mines, which they then sell with a life-of-mine royalty to mine operators. Since the start of 2020, the company has entered into several royalty purchase agreements to bolster their portfolio and the share price has responded positively, returning over 250% year-to-date. Ely Gold’s royalty model offers significant advantages for leveraged exposure to the gold sector vs. gold producers and ETFs, including providing leverage to the gold price, exposure to exploration upside and diversification of assets, while minimizing overhead, providing low construction risk and minimal to no inflation exposure to mining operations costs. ELY currently has 3 producing royalties, with an additional 8 portfolio assets expected to reach production by 2023. It’s most profitable current asset is its Jerritt Canyon NSR royalty. With Ely Gold starting to recognize significant cash flow from producing and near-term producing royalties, the company has plans for a shareholder dividend starting in 2021, providing another potential reward to shareholders who have already benefited from a substantial increase in the share price over the last two years. Ely Gold enjoys significant institutional shareholder support, including precious metals focused billionaire Eric Sprott who holds 26% of the common shares.

Presenting on behalf of Ely Gold Royalties is ELY’s President, CEO and Director Trey Wasser. Trey is a 30+ year veteran of the capital markets space, with experience in brokerage and venture capital structures and specialization in equity/debt restructuring and cash management. Trey was previously a corporate financing specialist with Merrill Lynch, Kidder Peabody and Paine Webber. He is the President, Founder and Director of Research for Pilot Point Partners LLC and is the Founder of Due Diligence Tours, organizing analyst tours to hundreds of mining properties in North America.

Learn more about Ely Gold Royalties at the company’s website: https://elygoldinc.com/

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