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Ely Gold Royalties (TSX-V: ELY) : Year End Wrap-Up Town Hall

For those who weren't able to attend live, this is a recording of the Ely Gold Royalties year end wrap-up town hall event. Ely Gold President & CEO Trey Wasser joined us to give investors an update on the company and provide some clarity around the company's latest royalty acquisitions. Trey then goes on to take over an hour of questions from investors on topics ranging from 2021 goals, to plans to get the company uplisted, and his strategy around paying out a dividend or doing share buybacks. Please see the time stamps below to jump to a particular section or question that interests you.

00:00 - Intro and Review of ELY Business Model
16:12 - Review of New Assets (Railroad and Cote Gold Projects)
22:10 - Next Steps for ELY and Review of 2020 Goals
25:08 - Questions Section
28:28 - Details Around Fenelon Revenue Projections
32:45 - What Are Ely's 2021 Goals?
36:43 - Why Leave Out EMX & ELE from Peer Group Comparison?
39:03 - Did ELY Have a Chance to Acquire Genesis (Recently Acquired by Metalla)?
42:45 - Thoughts on Bitcoin, Share Count Management and Remaining Transactions to Be Closed
48:20 - What are ELY's projections for G&A in 2021?
49:48 - Update on NYSE Uplisting and Any Plans for a Reverse Split to Qualify?
52:24 - Update on Rawhide and Any Update to the Outlook on REN Asset?
58:47 - Clarification on the Cote Gold Project Asset
1:03:34 - Are There Risks in Nevada Regarding Tax Changes?
1:05:27 - Addressing Concerns About the Share Count
1:09:35 - Opinion on Expansion at Isabella Pearl
1:13:42 - Dividend or Share Buyback?
1:19:19 - How Much Cash Will Be Available for 2021 Deals?
1:21:07 - Is Increasing Interest in REN a Near-Term or Medium-Term Goal?

Ely Gold Royalties is the North American gold royalty company with a strong focus in Nevada. Ely Gold has been aggressively growing a successful project and royalty generation program. The company currently has 11 key royalty assets that have a clear path to production by 2023. Ely Gold has outperformed all royalty companies over the past 12 months and is highly leveraged to the price of gold, providing shareholders with excellent upside potential.

Ely Gold Royalties currently trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol TSX-V: ELY, on the OTCQX marketplace under the symbol OTCQX: ELYGF, and on the Frankfurt Exchange under the symbol FRA: I4U.

To learn more about Ely Gold Royalties, please visit their website at: https://elygoldinc.com/

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Originally filmed on December 1st, 2020