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FTMIG Exclusive: Navdeep Dhaliwal CEO of Supreme (FIRE) and Damian Kettlewell, CEO of Blissco.(BLIS)

FTMIG Interviews Navdeep Dhaliwal, CEO of Supreme and Damian Kettlewell, CEO of Blissco, to talk about their merger and what it means for shareholders!

When it comes to supreme they have been around since the beginning, being one of the first publicly traded cannabis companies. When others set their sights on growing the most product, Supreme kept theirs on craftsmanship. Producing the best cannabis possible remains our obsession because our consumers expect nothing less. We’ve grown as entrepreneurs and as producers, and our bottom line has grown along with us.

BlissCo Cannabis Corp. is an ACMPR licensed producer and future distributor of ultra-premium cannabis. The company sits at the heart of an international ecosystem and is focused on the success of its domestic and global partnerships.

Blissco will complement Supreme Cannabis growing brand portfolio and accelerate its growth as a premium wellness-focused cannabis company.

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