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FTMIG LIVE from Midas Letter Studio (Full Video) – December 05, 2018

On Today's Show:

- Nathan Woodworth, President and CEO of James E. Wagner Cultivation, joins us to discuss how developing a series of unique technological solutions along with utilizing their brand new proprietary aeroponic production platform they are able to produce a top-quality finished product to supply the Canadian medical cannabis market! #JWCA #JWCAF

- Aurelio Useche, Director & CEO of Relevium Technologies joins us in studio to discuss how Relevium is utilizing their two core businesses and becoming an acquisitive vehicle to capitalize on opportunities by adding additional brands to their portfolio across Canada, U.S.A. and Europe! #RLV #RLLVF

- Daniel Pearlstein, Executive VP of Strategy for Canopy Rivers Inc. joins us to discuss how Canopy Growth's venture capital affiliate is taking a different approach by making minority stake investments in a variety of structures and operators while focusing on ancillary and emerging markets and opening the door to United States investment opportunities! #RIV

- Jonny Mac joins us for another awesome T.A. Commentary on member-requested company charts. Don't forget to vote for next week's picks!

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