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FTMIG LIVE from Midas Letter Studio (Full Video) – January 09, 2019


On Today's Show:

-Today we are joined in-studio by Nutritional High's CEO, David Posner, and Co-Chairman, Corporate Secretary and Director, Adam Szweras! With their West Coast/California focus, future integration into Nevada, and a vast multi-state presence, Nutritional High has strategically positioned itself for national distribution!

Penny Green, CEO of Yield Growth Corp, joins us to discuss their exciting Ayurvedic-inspired wellness line of topical and therapeutic consumer products, Urban Juve, their wellness-related assets throughout North America, and how through acquisition, development, marketing and distribution, they plan on yielding the highest results! #FTMIG #BOSS

- Jonny Mac brings his TA-game once again for an in-depth breakdown on some of the hottest companies on the market, don't forget to vote on next week's picks!

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