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Garibaldi’s VP. of Exploration Jeremy Hanson Talks High Grade Gold at the Casper Target

Garibaldi's VP. of Exploration Jeremy Hanson Talks High Grade Gold at the Casper Target

FTMIG guest interviewer Jon Smith sits down with Jeremy Hanson, Vice President of Exploration and Director at Garibaldi Resources, to discuss the company's recent activity and initial results at the Casper target on the company's Palm Springs property. Early work in the form of grab samples and channel samples at the exposed Casper gold-in-quartz vein returned some impressive, high grade gold assays as high as 249 grams per tonne. Jeremy discusses the results to date as well as ongoing and planned future work to further outline the size of the Casper target, which currently remains open along strike in both directions along a general NW/SE trend.

The Casper target is located to the north of Garibaldi's flagship E&L magmatic nickel / copper sulphide target. Nearby infrastructure at Casper is very favourable, with an all-weather, all-season road located only about 1 km to the west, and electrical power available from the nearby Forrest-Kerr hydroelectric generation facility located approximately 1.5 - 2 km north. The terrain at Casper is gentling sloping and relatively easy to access, although there is robust tree cover in the area. As Jeremy discusses, the working season at the Casper target is potentially quite generous compared to many locations in B.C.'s Golden Triangle, with nearby streams running typically between April - December that could provide water for diamond drilling activities and typical snow cover often no deeper than 3 feet.

Although Garibaldi's prime focus remains on its Nickel Mountain magmatic nickel/copper discovery, the Casper target represents an interesting opportunity and with the weather in 2020 being challenging for many companies, including Garibaldi, in the Golden Triangle, resources that normally would have been on standby were put to good use at Casper, with encouraging early results. At the time of writing, the main Casper vein currently has been trenched and exposed to around 120 - 130 m of strike length, with three other smaller veins also identified that may represent splays off the main vein. Geochemical analysis of soils have to date provided encouraging results that the vein continues along strike in both directions and follow up work is planned to test these areas in the near future. Garibaldi also anticipates conducting an initial diamond drilling campaign to test the target at depth. Notably, in addition to the vein, early work has discovered (a) an outcropping, heavily silicified rhyolite volcanic intrusion to the ESE of the Casper vein system that contains up to 4.2 g/t gold in grab samples which could possibly be related to the gold vein, and (b) sulphide layers containing massive pyrite in the area sedimentary package that contain between 0.5 - 1 g/t gold that could also potentially be related to the overall gold system.

1:24 Intro
2:55 Background on Casper target location and local geography
7:01 Discussing recent grab & channel sample results
9:22 Discussing the Casper vein system
12:32 How much work is required to expose the veins
13:58 Geochemical soil sampling as a vectoring tool at Casper
17:22 What are the follow up priorities at Casper
19:21 Discussing strike length, scale and continuity of the Casper system
24:15 Plans for future and follow-up work at Casper
29:05 Discussing gold association with the various sulphides
30:10 Would Casper stand on its own at a different company?
30:45 Geophysics at Casper
35:24 Closing Discussion
Some of the maps showcased in the interview can be found at Garibaldi's website using the following links:



For more information about Garibaldi Resources, please visit their website at https://www.garibaldiresources.com/

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Originally filmed on September 30th, 2020