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Jaguar Mining Holds Tremendous Potential as a Company, a District and a Camp

Jaguar Mining Investors is a Gold Production, Development, and Exploration Organization. CEO Vern Baker shares with us the opportunities that brought him to the company and what they have accomplished in the last 5 quarters. He also goes on to explain their potential and the advantages of investing in a company like Jaguar Mining.

Jaguar Mining has had a lot of work since 2019 to set up. They have accomplished five quarters with increasing production levels with a target of 25000 oz per quarter and they are very close to reaching that target.

As the company is getting to be one of the best small mine operators in the world, we learn about their capabilities for production along with their cash flow and the opportunities to use that cash flow. Jaguar also has a massive amount of unused infrastructure as they have three plants, two of which are running at 60% capacity with the availability of 2000 tonnes remaining of capacity. With the third plant allowing for room to expand.

Vern shares the catalysts of Jaguar and how the recent turn around has been accomplished. Five consecutive quarters of growth is no easy feat! We also receive a in-depth explanation of the exploration side of the company.

We will be sure to bring you more on this company and any questions you might have for the future, please feel free to send us a message or visit https://www.jaguarmining.com/ to sign up for email notifications!

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