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Jas Basi Interim CEO & Co-Founder of Grow X Global sits down with FTMIG! FTMIG Exclusive.

FTMIG interviews Jas Basi Interim CEO & Co-Founder of Grow X Global. Grow X is a Canadian MJ consultant, producer and global exporter. We talk about what their future plans are and what investors can expect from them in the coming future.

Following a distinguished 26-year career within the RCMP, Jas’s extensive expertise on cannabis trafficking, manufacturing and cultivation is sought across Canada’s law enforcement and legal communities. During the latter part of his career, Jas became a Unit Commander and was responsible for over 350 employees and an operating budget of $75M.

Jas entered the world of business with a focus on management, operational oversight, security design and ethical leadership. Not being one to sit around after retirement, Jas took an offer with engineering giant Solaris, as a Manager of Operations and Business Development. At Solaris, Jas analyzed and developed budgets, set new standards for HR and established relationships with clients and the Government. Following his success at Solaris, Jas was recruited by ABS Electric, where he utilized his experience and contacts to increase company revenue 7x. Jas’s diverse set of experience, skills, and knowledge are valuable assets within the scope of GrowX.

GrowX Global is a Canadian cannabis consultant, producer and global exporter of dry bud, cannabis oils and hemp products. The company owns a 27-acre property in Mission, B.C. with over 800,000 square feet growing capacity and the potential to produce 85,000 kilograms annually.

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