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Jeremy Hanson, VP of Exploration for GGI Answers Investor Questions

As @Garibaldi Resources Investors Group (TSXV: GGI) prepares to ramp up this year's drill season, we thought it would be a great idea to sit down and get a closer look at where they are with planning, strategy, and performance details.
This is an extremely detailed and information-driven interview that we are sure you won't want to miss. You will notice below a time-stamped guide if you feel the need to scroll through specific questions you wanted to hear answers to. But we suggest you don't miss any of it as there's a lot to find out!

00:50- New covid procedures
1:40- Starting date for drilling at Nickel mountain & Casper
3:30- Top 3 priorities to be drilled at nickel mountain
4:33- Caspers known system to date
5:55- Did you drill anomaly A in 2019
8:33- Is the official plan of starting with 1 drill and adding another still in effect and when can the 2nd drill be expected to fire up
9:15- Mobile lab status
9:40- New equipment added this year that may aid in the efficiency of the program
11:00- How important is it to hit big, early in the season
12:20- What are the costs due to covid procedural changes
13:16- How will the new protocol affect drilling
14:06- Most modern techniques being used at Casper
15:10- Length and location of the deepest drill hole planned for 2020
15:53- Did drilling in 2019 give a better idea of the dip at LDZ or let you know where the connection fro UDZ and LDZ is
17:30- What drill hole were you most excited for last year that you didn't get to drill
20:51- has the feeder been located
22:05- What "inning" would we be in, if this were a ball game
22:40- Any internal changes investors should take notice of
23:28-33:00 Specific Discord posts discussed
33:12- How Jeremy feels about the exploration program