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Manganese as an Investment, What you Need to Know

Christopher Ecclestone Mining Strategist at Hallgarten & Co. sits down with Brandon Colwell of FTMIG to share his wealth of knowledge on commodities, equities, and manganese!

Being an equities analyst since the 1980s while moving more recently into mining stories and commodity strategies, Christopher has an abundance of information to share and we didn't waste any time diving in with questions.

While the current supply of Manganese comes from South Africa and Australia, there is an opportunity right here in Canada for that to change and we are very excited to share the potential with our community and fellow investors alike.

Batteries such as double As are still the largest use for Manganese and it has been the main component in those batteries since the 1940s, however, there is a newfound use for it in bigger batteries such as Electric Vehicles, Trucks, and Commercial Vehicles which is where the recent attention has shifted to as the EV movement gains ground.

During this interview, numerous questions were answered by Christopher and we have organized them by time-stamp below for your viewing ease.

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned as this is just the beginning for this story!

04:37- Where do you see supply and demand over the next 10 years?
05:25- Are there any large mines in North America?
05:55- Discussion about Tesla Battery Day announcement and the replacement of Cobalt by Manganese
12:06- Certain types of Manganese used in EV batteries
14:40- What effect will the adoption of Manganese for EV batteries put on the supply and demand chain?
18:09- How does Manganese compare to other EV metals in both supple and demand, and overall price?
20:43- Manganese from an investment point and specifically in North America- the potential for a mine?