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Pacific Frontier Investments and Their Brand of Modern Day Camp

Joe Bleackley Founder and CEO of Pacific Frontier Investments sits down with Brandon Colwell and shares a company overview for potential investors.
We are all aware of the changes people and famillies are facing as COVID-19 has become a part of our lives. Our livelihoods have changed drastically which opens the door for new options and opportunities to get creative. RVing has become extremely popular as it allows people the freedom to travel and the safety to social distance.
Pacific Frontier is developing locations in high tourism areas and enhancing the facilities from what we previously knew as the camping experience. Adding pools, playgrounds and stores are on the top of the list for developing the physical properties they own and will own. Then there is the marketing side of the experience and Joe explains how many campgrounds are run currently and the changes he plans to bring into this new and improved experiene which will include, marketing, online booking, apps, and social media campaigns.
Where is the opportunity for investors? Pacific Frontier is a privately held company with the structure of a public company so that is in the making and there are investment opportunities presently as the company looks for acquisition capital. To learn more about this, please email Joe directly at joe@pacificfrontier.co
A time-stamped breadown of this interview will follow if there are specific details you are looking for, or to keep track of after you've watched the full interview.

1:00- Who they are and what they're done, Joe's experience and history
2:14- What opportunities Pacific Frontier holds
6:07- The company's elements of growth
8:05- How this company plans to make money
10:00- The team built for success
14:34- Opportunities at hand
16:40- Next steps for 2020 and moving forward.
To learn more, please visit https://pacificfrontier.co/

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