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Regulus Resources and the Case for Copper as an Investment

Check out John Black give a complete overview of of Regulus Resources from Virtual Investor Day (VID)


John Black, CEO and Director of Regulus Resources #REG shares with us an extensive breakdown of the company and how their team is working towards success.

The team in place at Regulus has a strong technical background and their specialty lies in identifying, and capturing large copper/gold projects that have the potential to be a lage mine. They work diligently to drill, de-risk, and monetize before selling to a large mining company and optimizing the price point of those sales.

Regulus has completed a number of strong catalysts within the company that garners confidence from their investors and also makes them an attractive investment opportunity for new eyes. Spending a large amount of time on social, and educational aspects of their projects in order to sell those at the optimal time is a part of the teams process in order to ensure all their ducks are in a row.

Below you'll find some crucial time-stamps in order to navigate the interview at your leisure but make sure you don't miss any detail and watch it straight through!


1:35- Overview of company

2:50- The case for Copper

4:42- Background on John and the management team

6:14- Catalysts of the company

7:40- Antakori project

9:43- Specific challenges within current projects and how they'll deal with them

12:28- Share appreciation and potential investors

15:07- Group one shareholders group- current mindset on the company and the size of their position

17:18- Special message to investors and potential investors

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