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Renforth Resources, EVERYTHING you Want to Know!

Looking for a way to profit from the bull market in gold? Take a look at Renforth Resources #RFR, who have positioned themselves in the enviable position of having gold mineralization at surface and being surrounded by major gold producers with active mines and mills that are already looking for more feed. In this video, you'll learn why Renforth has the right location, with the right geology, and is positioned at the right time

Nicole Brewster President, Director and CEO gives us an in-depth look at who she is, what her job entails, and why she chooses to only get paid in shares. Knowing that new investors could possibly have a lower average than she holds, and that she has as much motivation as anyone to make Renforth a success by selling some of its advanced-staged properties to prospective suitors.

This casual sit down interview, will provide you a great base of information as well as lead to new questions you may have for Nicole and the company and we'd be happy to hear them!

For those who would appreciate a detailed outline of the interview and will potentially pick their favorite talking points out we have time-stamps below for your viewing pleasure!

(00:28) Juniors and Going 10-20x
(3:13) Overview of Renforth
(6:48) Nicole's Average Cost Base
(10:15) Renforths Assets
(16:50) What Can a Shareholder Look Forward to?
(23:50) Selling off Assets. A Strategy?
(23:45) Discussing the Cadillac Break
(32:15) Building a Community with Shareholders

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