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Robert Kiyosaki Joins Karl Boyd

Everyone that has been a part of our community is well aware of the role Robert Kiyosaki has played in the mindset of Karl Boyd and his continued growth towards financial freedom.
Karl is excited to not only get this opportunity to chat with such an important mentor in his life but to share this with you as well.

We live in the age of information. Anything we want/desire to learn, is at the click of a button and most times, for free. While many spend their time soaking up main-stream media articles and keeping up with the times with what is popular in society, there are many others who are filling their time with education and topics that will bring value to their world.

Robert and Karl discuss many topics in this interview and we're proud to be able to bring it to your fingertips for you to expand your knowledge and grow in any capacity you desire.

Robert shares with us, his thoughts on covid, his interests in gold and silver as well as bitcoin and why he has such a fondness for them, his main interests business-wise, the number of businesses and partnerships he's personally involved in, how he feels about politics and Trump, main-stream media and a few more very interesting topics.

In this interview, you can gain new insights into Robert's perspective on many topics, as well as tools to aid in the learning and advancing process that is life.

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