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Supercharged Stocks Managing Director Andrew O’Donnell

Andrew O'Donnell, Managing Director of Supercharged Stocks, a graduate of Ridley College, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario. Both of these school allowed Andrew to build lasting relationships with people from around the world, providing a truly global perspective to his approach. He began his career in Calgary as an advisor with Standard Life but branched out to include stocks, bonds and derivatives products when he took his book to Merrill Lynch. The focus was on providing thoughtful planning, high performance and structured strategies.
As Andrew sits down with Brandon Colwell of FTMIG to discuss economics, finance, generational differences in the investing world and SO MUCH MORE! Below you will find a time-stamped guide to this in depth and thought provoking discussion brought to you by Capital Street Media and FTMIG
(3:02) - This is NOT a COVID “induced” Recession
(4:46) - Wake up and Start Paying Attention to Why and Who You’re Voting for
(6:22)- You Have to add “Discernment” to Your Decision Making
(8:40) - Finding Opportunity During this Pandemic
(10:00) - An Electric Future Comes From Mining
(10:54) - Why Helium is an Intriguing Investment
(13:00) - The Supply & Demand of Helium
(16:58) - Own the Components, not the end Products
(19:12) - Canada is a Resource Country -- We Need to Capitalize on it
(19:43) - Brandon’s Views on Canadian Oil & Mining
(22:13) - How to Give Oil & Gas a Second Chance in Canada
(23:13) - Should we Bailout Companies?
(24:00) - Starting Asking Yourself the Harder Questions on how to make Canada Better
(27:09) - Capitalism has Failed...here is why, and no, Socialism is Not the Answer
(30:30) - There has to be Drastic Change from Left vs Right...why not a Combination?35:43- Wake up and Realize WE need to Aspire Change, not the Government!
(36:00) -A Great rant on Government, Society and Markets
(39:11) - We’ve Created a Fragile World with Fragile People
(39:42) - Obstacles are GOOD for you, here is why
We hope you ENJOY and Don’t Forget...
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