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TraceSafe, a Long Term Technology Play in Real-Time Location Services

Wayne Llyod, CEO of TraceSafe sits down with Brandon Colwell to share the background of the company and the current advancements they have made that will positively affect how the world runs safely.

TraceSafe is a technology company that originally architected for use in hospitals, a product that was responsible for tracking infants. They bring their familiarity and experience in this field with them as they share their breakout product with the world. TraceSafe involves large scale integrations and the company is more than ready for it, the pandemic has accelerated the need for both product categories and we are happy to share this with you.

The first of the two, a quarantine management system. A GPS based wearable wristband that is only for sale to governments. The second, a wearable device for contact tracing perfect for employers to ensure the safety of workplace environments.

With COVID-19 throwing curveballs at society for the last 7 months plus, TraceSafe offers an effective solution and peace of mind for moving forward as we enter the post-pandemic era we are now entering. Watch as Wayne explains their superior product, how it works, all areas of deployment as well as their main focus and possible competitors.

We hope that you enjoy this interview and be sure to stay tuned for more from this company, as they are gearing up for success.

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