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Portfolio Category: Delta 9

Delta 9 in a Category of Their Own!

John Arbuthnot, CEO of Delta 9 Bio-Tech #DN discusses the company's recent quarter and their success and consistent growth with their numbers. John credits his team that has implemented changes and brought the company to this level and how they compare to other companies in this sector. Interesting key talking points below! (2:55) Diversified Strategy…
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In Depth Interview With CEO of Delta9 John Arbuthnot!

We had the pleasure of being joined by John Arbuthnot, CEO of @Delta 9 Bio-Tech recently for a sit down, in depth conversation that will give everyone a better idea of not only the company and what they've been doing to ensure success, but also a more personal look at the CEO himself. What does…
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FTMIG Presents: Delta 9’s Plans for 2020 and Cannabis 2.0

Delta 9 Cannabis ($DN) is back with Brandon to talk about some exciting news for investors in 2020 and the launch of the company's 2.0 products! John Arbuthnot, the CEO, explains last quarter's B2B sales and where the company saw the most growth. Plus, MJ 2.0 could be coming to a Delta 9 retail store…
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Take a Tour of Delta 9’s Retail Store

FTMIG's Brandon Colwell took a trip to Winnipeg to take a tour of Delta 9's Retail Store on River Avenue! He got a chance to talk with the VP of Retail Operations, Al Roney about some of the products customers can buy there! What products would you like to try out for yourself? Comment below!…
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