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Portfolio Category: FTMIG Exclusives

FTMIG Presents: Auramex’s Georgia River Project

We're digging deeper to learn more about Auramex Resources Corp. ($AUX)! Brandon sat down with the CEO, Lawrence Roulston to talk about the company's Georgia River Project. Roulston says there is HUGE potential in this exploration project and that this one is one of the most exciting projects he's working on during his 40 years…
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Robert Kiyosaki Joins Karl Boyd

Everyone that has been a part of our community is well aware of the role Robert Kiyosaki has played in the mindset of Karl Boyd and his continued growth towards financial freedom. Karl is excited to not only get this opportunity to chat with such an important mentor in his life but to share this…
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Mindset Pharma, Next Generation Psychedelics

James Lanthier CEO of Mindset Pharma goes into depth explaining the company for us. As next generation psychedelics are their main focus they are looking at advancing their intellectual property. James shares that he believes the greatest value will be found in the market with that focus. Having two patent applications for their IP and…
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An Introduction to Entheon Biomedical with CEO Timothy Ko

As Psychedelic Medicine seems to be taking the stage for the future, we had the pleasure of learning from the very knowledgeable Timothy Ko the different facets that this entails. He shares a very intimate story with us about how close to home this topic hits for him and why he has such a deep…
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