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Portfolio Category: GoldFinX

GoldFinX and Their Mission to Positively Impact Artisanal Mining

GoldFinX #GIX CMO Gonzalo Gandia gets right to the heart of the company's purpose and discusses the bigger issues that they are tackling. With there being major social impact issues affecting artisanal mining throughout the world, people have been cynical, and for good reason. You'll see Gonzalo speak about these issues head on and does…
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Why GoldFinX is Focusing on Artisanal Miners

We are joined by Francois Dumont COO of GoldFinX #GIX as he gives us a rundown on why they have chosen to focus on Artisanal Miners. Described as a gigantic missed opportunity on the economic side, GoldFinX is able to provide a mechanism for funding, that NO ONE else is doing. Francois runs through various…
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Digging Deeper: How GoldFinX Works With Miners

GoldFinX #GIX COO Francois Dumont joins Brandon Colwell to provide a detailed explanation of their role in financing artisanal miners and how their contracts are obtained to give a fair trade way of providing financing. For anyone who has an interest in learning how the company's contract miners and legally bind those agreements, it is…
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GoldFinX CEO on Gold as an Investment

There are many ways to invest in gold, and different levels of closeness you can have with your asset. As an investor, you get to decide. Philippe Bednarek CEO explains their tokens and how they are protected. We also learn the value of the GIX coin and what it is based on which is great…
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