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Portfolio Tag: Cannabis

FTMIG Interviews Master Gardener & Production Integration Specialist, Kemal Evans!

Founder of Herb and Culture, Kemal Evans, has a connection to horticulture and herbal medicine that spans 35+ years. He has over 14 years experience in the booming medical marijuana field! Kemal is also credited for being a Senior Gardener of a Canadian facility licensed under the now ACMPR program since it's inception. Marijuana consultant for 6 years and a former touring musician. Don't miss this fun interview! #FTMIG
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FTMIG Interviews Pat McCutcheon, CEO of MediPharm Labs! CVE:LABS

MediPharm Labs CEO, Pat McCutcheon, joins us in-studio to discuss their latest revenues and most recent exciting milestones that they've successfully executed on. By focusing on extraction and purity as a central business idea, they are positioning themselves to be a leader in the cannabis industry! #FTMIG #LABS #MLCPF
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FTMIG Interviews Aurelio Useche, Director & CEO of Relevium Technologies! CNSX:RLV

Aurelio Useche, Director & CEO of Relevium Technologies, joins us to discuss how they are strategically focused on the expansion and acquisition of entrepreneurial brands within the health and wellness sector! Relevium is focusing on Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical of cannabinoid infused formulations for pediatric and adult medical applications with Biocannabix! BioGanix is a cutting-edge line…
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