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BitUN Release World’s First Cryptocurrency Cold Wallet for Institutions

BitUN Release World's First Cryptocurrency Cold Wallet for Institutions

SINGAPORE, May 24, 2018 -- On May 21st, BitUN first displayed the world's first enterprise-level cryptocurrency cold wallet hardware at the 2018 Global Summit held in Japan. Different from the traditional cold wallet, the seemingly black technology product quickly became the focus of the summit.JC Oliver, Banker, Moviecoin and Ai-X CEO (left) and Ke Deng (right)

BitUN cold wallet apply the military anti-corrosion technique, completely isolating from the Internet. The hardware CPU adopts the Secure Boot and Efuse mechanisms, combined with data encryption chips, and the security level is recognized by the national-level licensed exchanges. At the same time, the cold wallet also possesses technologies such as NFC and face/iris recognition, and it is verified simultaneously with the smart authorized device for signature. In the signature process, the user can also complete the multi-level approval financial process on the mobile hotspot APP, which is safe, convenient and efficient.

Additionally,  the enterprise-level cryptocurrency storage security solution is matched with the enterprise-level cryptocurrency cold wallet, which has been applied to the Hong Kong exchange Coinsuper, which has greatly improved the security of the exchange assets and the convenience of depositing coins. BitUN's enterprise-class solutions integrate multiple security technologies such as hot wallet encryption, hot and cold end separation, 7-fold multi-dimension signatures, multi-site&center encryption and delivery, and are combined with financial process systems, approval and authorization systems to provide comprehensive protection for digital asset security.

It is reported that BitUN's enterprise-level cryptocurrency cold wallet will be officially released in July.


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